Angelic Guide Session by Ashley King

Angelic Guide Session

Private Angel Guide Session for connection, clarity, and confidence to take your next big leap.

Work 1 on 1 with me

During a session, we will ground, meditate, channel, and pull cards. Each session is designed for you. 

I am your guide. I will guide you towards what you need. 

You will learn to trust your own intuition and the messages that have been coming in to you. 
You KNOW. You know what's next, you know what you desire.

You're probably thinking, "I have no clue what I desire." 

I get it. I know it can be challenging to work through everything coming up and deciphering exactly what to do next. You may have many different thoughts popping up and a little voice that says "no way, I can't do that" or "that's not divine guidance, that's just in my head."

Let me be the guide that helps you uncover the knowing that resides deep down in your soul and assists you in developing the confidence you need to get there. 

I want to introduce you to 1:1 Angel Guide Sessions. One time sessions that get you guidance quick when you need it.

This is not your typical card reading, this an Angel Guide session.

So what is an Angel Guide session? It's a session where I will hold space open for you to connect with your Angels and Guides. You will feel their presence, and together we will uncover anything you need to know. It will include a combination of angel cards, guided inquiry, and meditation, with a splash of creativity. 

We are almost half way through the year, and what a year it has been. It's time to re-evaluate where you are emotionally, and where you are with your desires, get clear on what you need to do next, and confidently take that leap forward. 

Expect to leave your session feeling so connected, supported, confidant and clear on what your next steps are. 

What you receive:

  • 60 minute Angel Guide Session via Zoom with me
  • Follow ups to check in
  • Access to bonus meditations and content on what to expect and what to do after your session

Angel Guide Session

Connect to your Angels, Guides, and intuition.
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