Angelic Activation: Foundations by Ashley King

Angelic Activation: Foundations

Learn the basics of energy, Angels, and how to create your own Angel Card deck.

The Magick Inside Foundations:

⭐️ Get to know your Angels, your intuition and your space
⭐️ Learn to trust yourself
⭐️ Trust your Angles and the Universe
⭐️ Learn to work with the Universe, instead of against it
⭐️ Recorded content that you can watch on your own time
⭐️ Accountability to keep you going with your intuitive development
⭐️More detailed content to really learn the basics and understand your own personal energy

What's Included:

90-days Free

Receive 90-days free trial to the Angelic Creation Membership to join live calls and work with other members. 

6 Modules of Content

2 Modules released every month, guiding you through the process of connecting with your intuition and creating your cards.

1:1 Session

One session with me to unlock your creative potential! Full of cards, Angelic Healing, and more. (see details below)

Module 1 - Energy

Learn how to work with your own energy through practices that will take you to your journal and even outside to connect with yourself and your Angels.

Module 2 - Angels and Angel Cards

Learn about the Angels, connect with your Angel cards, know the differences between cards and how to work with them. 

Module 3 - The Angel Card Process

Get your cards set up, your space ready and your supplies handy. You'll learn to clear your space energetically, and be ready to start creating your own cards. 

Module 4 - Spiritual Art Theory

Art theory sounds boring, right? But when you combine it with how to use colors and shapes to connect with the Angels it becomes magickal! 

Module 5 - Creating Your Cards

The part we've been waiting for! Creating your cards will teach how to fully step into trust with your intuition and your Angels.

Module 6 - Going Deeper

Now that you have your cards, we're going to go deeper, learn to work with your own deck, notice signs, and create a well-rounded guidebook.


"I love this course! I think it’s my favorite way to get in touch with the little kid In me that loves creating but doesn’t take time to do it! Can’t wait to do it again!"
Brenda Lewis
"... Ashley led a powerful meditation that helped me connect to my creative power. I loved what I created in this masterclass and look forward to taking more of the classes in the future!"
Kerin Monaco

Creating Cards Connects You To Your Intuition

By hearing the stories your Angels want to tell you, you create a powerful tool for intuitive development.
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       Group Call #2 - April 20, 2020 11:00am CST
        Group Call #3 - May 18, 2020 11:00am CST

Cards that others have created:

1:1 Session

I want you to get the most out of this program, so together we will discuss your desires, pull cards, meditate, and create a plan for you. Each plan will be different, but will be aligned with your desires to help you dig deeper into your intuitive development.


What do I need for supplies?

The basics include paper, pencils, and time. But we'll get more in depth in the first module. It all depends on the style you wish to create. Think about the art you already enjoy creating, and the decks you already love. What supplies do those take?

If you're worried about not being able to participate due to supplies, reach out at

How long will I have access to this course?

Lifetime access! You'll have access to any updates that I make, and you'll be able to go back and review any sections as often as you like.

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