Dream Artistry: Decode Your Dreams, A Private Artistic Consultation by Ashley King

Dream Artistry: Decode Your Dreams, A Private Artistic Consultation

Decode your dreams and paint them into your reality during your private artistic consultation with Ash King.

When you’re dreaming, your subconscious is free to explore without overthinking anything. And explore it does! In bright colors, confusing imagery, and trippy story lines. When you wake up, you either forget half of it, or just have no clue what it means and write it off as frivolous nonsense. 

Don’t write your dreams off! They have powerful meanings just for you. Messages that come to you from the Angels and God/desses of dreams and visions. These are the answers to questions you’ve been asking the Universe, the actions you need to take to better your life, and the challenges to watch out for in coming months. 

This is more than dream interpretation

This is pulling the images out of your head and putting them onto paper. It’s showing you what you saw in a way that allows you to decode the messages in a way you never have before. 

Step out of the matrix of conscious thought and go deeper while you sleep.

You will feel seen. You will feel a deep connection like you’ve never experienced before with your dreamlife. You’ll see your dream on paper which will help you dig deeper into its meaning. 

Benefits of Decoding Your Dreams:

  • Finally understand what your recurrent dreams mean so that you can take action and release them. 
  • Feel connected to your Guides and understand their messages.
  • Release nightmare recurrent dreams that have been waking you up at all hours and making you feel like you’ve got something to do.
  • Have a visual to remember the amazing dreams that you never want to forget, the dreams that were huge turning points, that marked celebrations, and showed you the answers you desire. 
  • Fun, playful process that gives you deep insights into your life
  • Know how to take action on the messages that come to you.  

Meet Ash, your dream artist:

Ash is an intuitive artist,  angelic healer, and your dream artist. Her super powers are using art to bring your subconscious into the conscious mind, feeling things into reality, and connecting with the Angels.
She uses Angel cards, intuitive guidance, and art as a way of connection so that you can feel like a confident, fierce, badass and take your next big leap.


  • 2, 60-minute, one on one sessions
  • One original artwork in digital format for your personal use for such as desktop or phone wallpaper
  • One Giclee print of the same artwork shipped to you. Perfect for hanging on your wall, or placing on your altar. You choose the size up to 9x12 inches (if you’d like larger one, additional fees will apply)

The Plan:

1:1 Session

During our first session, we will discuss the details you remember and channel the rest of the details that I need to guide you through your dreams’ interpretation and to create your artwork. Details might include what was happening in your life when you had the dream, what feelings you get from it, how often you have this dream, etc. 

Create The Artwork

I’ll create a unique piece of art that brings your dream into reality for you to visually see. While I work, I’ll pull together meanings and messages that you need. Each piece will vary, but you can expect something in a similar style to those digital works you've recently seen me share recently. 

Artwork Reveal and Dream Decoded

We would follow up with another 1:1 session for you to see your dream for the first time. I’ll share my insights while creating it, and research I've done from my own personal dream guidebook. I’ll guide you deeper into the shadow work that often comes up in our dreams. 

This is for you if:

  • You have recurring dreams that you don’t understand
  • You have a dream that felt significant but you don’t understand it. 
  • You’ve been asking for a sign, a message, or something from the Universe and haven’t seen it yet. 

Decode your dreams and put them on paper today. Sign up now.

$111 (or $55.55/month) for the first three dream interpretations booked. 

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