Don't Fear The Shadows: 44 prompts to own your shadow by Ashley King

Don't Fear The Shadows: 44 prompts to own your shadow


Are you tired of trying to hide from your shadows? Of trying to stay in control? 

Now is the time to learn to own embrace your shadow and then release it.

It's time to look at your whole self, shadow included.

Don't waste another day trying to hide your emotions, or keep them in check. It's keeping you back from living a full life.

You know there is a part of yourself that you've hoped no one would know about. A part that you dread seeing yourself. Maybe it's a regret, a song, a look, a conservation. You try to avoid it. You give it so much power, when all you want is to be free of it. Then not fear the day it comes up. To not dread looking in the mirror. To not hide behind "I'm fine." or a false sense of hope. 

You desperately want the light to be real, not just a facade you use when in company of others.

You want a path towards freedom. You want it to be easy and fun. You don't want to feel alone while you take this journey.

Welcome to Don't fear the Shadows! A 44 prompt experience, guiding you to own your shadow. 

You want to feel freedom around your shadows, but you...

  • are afraid that if you see it, it will drown you in emotions you'll never come back from
  • don't want anyone else to see
  • don't know if you're even worthy of embracing and releasing them

  • wonder if you're capable of embracing it
  • are afraid of what you might find
  • have been hiding from your shadow and don't want to see it

Three Steps To Embracing Your Shadow

Step 1: Create Your Card
Step 2: Activate The Energy
Step 3: Embody the Shadow

Prompts that make you look at the dark to welcome in the light. 

44 Prompts for 44 Cards

Create your deck along side me as I channel and share prompts. I'll upload them as they come through. 

*If you sign up after we've begun, you'll recieve all prompts at once, with the ability to make your own schedule.


Here's the plan

1: Enroll in the course

Click Purchase and receive immediate access to the introductory materials. 

2: Follow the prompts

Do each prompt as they are relased to create your cards and name the aspects of your shadow.

3: Feel the freedom

Complete daily prompts and experience more freedom, knowing that you love yourself including your shadow. 

Meet Your Guide: Ashley King

I am an intuitive artist and angelic healer and shadow work pioneer. 

My mission is connect you to your Angels through meditation and the creative process so that you can confidently work with your Shadow and trust your intuition.

Let's clear up a few things...

Do I have to use these to make an Oracle Deck?

Nope, these are just prompts. If you don't want to turn the prompts into an oracle deck, then you'll have 44 poems, stories, songs, or artworks. It's up to you how you use the prompts, but I'll be focusing on card creation for the duration.

When will the prompts be available?

Prompts will be uploaded as I channel them. Since they are each coming from channel, I don't have a set schedule (My Guides told me not to!), but I will let you know as each one becomes available. 

What do I need to complete the course?

Journal, pens, papers and art supplies. You can use basic materials, but you'll need something to draw with. 

How long do I have to create the prompts?

You'll have lifetime access to the course, so you can take as much time as you need and revist them any time. I'll be sharing 1 a day, Monday-Thursday until all 44 prompts are released. You can join me on this journey doing daily prompts, or go at your own pace. 

Must I be an artist to participate?

Nope! These are quick drawings and it's not about the artwork. It's about the process and what comes up while creating. If you don't have much experience drawing, you'll still be able to follow along!

Do you explain what supplies to use and how to actually create cards in this course?

I don't go into much detail here. This course is all about the shadow, so it dives right in without any lessons on the card creation process. 

If you'd like to learn more about energy and the process of creating cards, I would suggest checking out the foundational course offered here. 

Are you ready to be free from your Shadows contol?

It's time to work with your Shadow Team and release the fear to find freedom. 
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